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Hello peeps,

I thought I'd do a little update post as I've been on more highs and lows than a rollercoaster in the last couple of weeks.

First the good stuff - as many of you know a couple of weekends ago I was in London seeing lots of lovely bloggers at the Curvy Kate event (blog post coming up on that soon), spending time with my in laws including my baby niece, and being fitted for an off the peg dress by up and coming designer Alicia Berkeley. I also had a photoshoot with Jim Hawkins. This was all wonderful!

Photo by Jim Hawkins. Horrible fly away hair by me!

This weekend my dad, brother, aunt and older niece came down to visit for the day, which was lovely.

I'm having a Fibromyalgia flare up at the moment which means life is kicking my butt. The insomnia is crippling. I feel nauseous and headachey constantly. I can barely clean my teeth without throwing up. I'm choking on food, drink, and my own saliva. My IBS has been so bad I've given up bread and diet coke/pepsi entirely as I'm sick of feeling like my skin is going to tear from the swelling. My eyes are so sensitive that the steam from washing up or boiling vegetables on the cooker makes my eyes stream until it's too painful to have them open at all. Being out in the cold has the same effect, and as there isn't enough of the moisturiser in my tears they sting like I'm rubbing salt into cuts, which makes me cry more. Vicious circle. It's 3 degrees C at the moment and I'm sitting here under a blanket with the window wide open to stop my eyes from being gits.

So to cut a long story short I feel absolutely awful. Laying in bed for 6 or 7 hours waiting for sleep (no matter how exhausted I am) is quite possibly the biggest torment of all.

I had plans for lots more Christmas related posts to point people in the right direction for Christmas pretties but my focus right now has to be surviving. I'm making a point of eating lots of fruit and veg (and drinking loads of water) even though I feel sick and don't want to eat at all. It's scary how quickly everything goes to shit. Already I can't contemplate much more of this. Ho hum!

As ever putting on some makeup, taking a bunch of selfies and then taking the make up off before my eyes start feeling like they've got bleach in them is helping me cope. That and Spotify, which I've recently fallen back in love with so I've been listening to music and singing my heart out every day to cheer myself up.

Things I have not been doing - anything to do with Christmas except buying things I can't afford to try to cheer myself up fill up the yawning emptiness in me. There's no Christmas tree up yet, but my overdraft is WAAAAAAY up.

Other happenings...

I've been buying nice underwear for MYSELF since James doesn't appreciate it. (He prefers me nekkid!)

This my friends is a moon selfie. You take a photo down a toilet roll centre & pretend you're the moon. How crooked was my septum ring?!

One of the last shots before the ball fell off my septum ring, never to be seen again.....

Wearing my polar bear jumper

I bought another Lady V London polka dot dress in the sale for my next shoot with Jim Hawkins

My older niece, the fashionista!

I bloody LOVE this Crown & Glory woodland-does-Xmas crown from this month's Glitterati box

I'm also wearing my new septum ring (with pointy ends) in the photo above. Another septum healing post is coming up soon. Changing the jewellery has made it a bit sorer than it had been in a while but generally it's fuss free now. I'm so glad I had it done.

That's about all from me.

I hope life is treating you well. What have you been up to? Lemme live vicariously through you!

Leah xoxo

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