Outfit Post || Yours Clothing ruched wrap over front dress

Hello lovelies!

I've decided to spend the countdown to Christmas doing an outfit post a day. I must be mad, but here we go!

Today I'm wearing the black ruched wrap over front dress with embellished waist from Yours Clothing. Wow, doesn't that just roll off the tongue?!

Don't faint but I have heels on. I gave myself a pedicure just for youuuuuuu.


Those of you who've been with me for a while might notice I STILL have the bruises on my legs from when I got swallowed up and spat out by the sea, which I think was in July or August. Bloody Fibromyalgia and it's crap skin healing properties, seriously. I could've put foundation on them to cover it up, but the sun was going down and I needed to get on with it. 

The dress is gorgeous - floaty and feminine. I'm wearing the 26-28 here and as ever, it's fine in the waist and the rest of the body, but snug over my boobs. Not restrictively so, just enough to make me glad I'm not a cup size bigger. ;) It has a tie at the back, transparent sleeves and a gauzy outer layer. Do be aware if you're wearing this dress out to an event and are likely to be photographed with flash - it goes see through! I had to delete a couple of photos where you could see a little too much of me.

I'm 5ft 5 and wearing 4 inch heels and as you can see the solid black part of the dress comes to my knees and the floaty outer layer a couple of inches below that, so you should be able to work out where the dress might fall on you.

Silly close up to show you the embellishment on the dress

Yours Clothing ruched wrap over front dress
New Look wide fit black cross strap glitter heels
Huge glitter hair bow in pewter, Crown and Glory £10 (I can't link to it at the moment as that colour doesn't currently appear to be on the website.)
Ring, old Primark

The hair bow is on a piece of elastic rather than on a clip and has a cotton backing so you can bat it into shape to suit the shape of your bonce. I feel like I should just divert some money to Crown and Glory every month and say 'SEND ME ALL THE SPARKLES!' I blame Laura for starting this addiction.

I have a mixed bag of Christmas outfit posts to bring you - a Christmas t shirt, a Christmas jumper, and a few more lovely dresses.

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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