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Hiya pickles!

Although it might appear that I waft around in dresses all the time, I do sometimes go casual. This might be my Christmas outfit if I was having Christmas morning at home opening the presents, or walking my non-existent dog. ;) It IS a bit more casual than I would usually wear, but I like to try these things once in a while. Of course it isn't 'flattering' but I don't care one jot. It's a cheesy Christmas jumper, it's never going to be flattering.

I bought this jumper from a UK company (FD Avenue) who took a month to deliver it, so I can't in all good conscience recommend them, especially as we're so close to Christmas. Those of you who were reading me this time last year may remember I went la-la over this jumper last year when I saw it on eBay and blogged about it, and then none of us got our jumpers because the seller was a POS. I am pleased to have finally got my mitts on it, as the Home Alone films are among my favourite Christmas films, with Die Hard and Love Actually. (If you don't think Die Hard is a Christmas film, you can poke the Nakatomi Plaza where the sun doth not shine.) Heh. :D

I'm wearing a size 26 and it's snug but it may loosen up in the wash so I'm not bothered.

Jumper, FD Avenue but available on eBay from lots of different sellers
Jeggings, Matalan (currently not on website, check in store)
Boots, Tesco last winter
Hair clip, made by the lovely Nancy from Sugar Darling last year.

There's a funny story about this hair clip. Well, it's not funny at all really. I have an old Soap & Glory hat box from one of their giant Christmas gifts a few years ago. I keep my less used hair pretties in there. I went to find this clip and as I opened the lid a spider came flying out at me and went UP MY NOSE! I huffed out a massive breath through my nose as a reflex (thank God I did!) and the horrid little shit landed on the floor. The only evidence left that it'd been there was one spindly inch long leg. UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH. Don't mind me while I just flame-thrower my entire bedroom. ;)

Have you bought a cheesy Christmas jumper?

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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