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Hiya pickles,

I don't go to many events, but when I do I prefer to go to ones with as little travel time as possible to minimise the after effects of pain and fatigue. When events are in London we stay at James's parents' place in central London to enable me to go. Plus bonus family time, which is always good.

I went to UK Plus Size Fashion week on Sunday, and it was great to see some of my favourite blogging ladies, see a panel discussion with beauts such as Callie Thorpe and Jessica Kane in attendance, and watch Jess and the Bandits perform live. Man, that girl has some pipes! There's no difference at all between her live and on record. It's amazing. I got to meet her before we went into the event and she's just as down to earth in the flesh as she was when I interviewed her.

Here are some of buds from the day - Katt, Nat and Becky.

Katt wearing the Lindy Bop Saphy dress that so many of us have since bought. Hashtag trendsetter! ;) I had to make that photo black and white as it was so overexposed. 4 months on I'm still getting to grips with my 'new' camera!

I was really impressed with Boohoo+'s A/W offerings (below) but as they only go up to a size 24 I didn't fall too hard because I'm sick of making things not meant for my body work.

The company I was most most impressed with on the day was Elvi, and Nat is kindly holding this shearling coat up so I can photograph it. They also had a gorgeous camel coat. *sob* It's another range with limited sizing, so againnnnn I didn't pay too much attention because broken heart. ;)

This stunner was modelling undies for Ravendreams Lingerie, who do underwear from sizes 16-32 in really luxe fabrics. We met the designer and she's absolutely lovely.

After we made our way through the stalls, we took our seats by the catwalk because several of us had signed up to model, including me! At the time we thought we'd be wearing our own clothes, but we were loaned outfits from Evans.

Here I am having a little plait put in my hair. I was the last person in the chair and the poor lady literally had about 90 seconds to work on me.

3/4 of Jess and the Bandits. I cut the last 1/4 out. Sorry, chap!
The panel discussion was really good, especially when Kierra Sheard (second left) of Eleven60 was talking. She's a riot!

L-R Rianne Ward (organiser), Kierra Sheard, Chastity Garner, Tom from Evans, Rivkie Weichselbaum and Jessica Kane.

The bloggers' favourite thing to do at events (other than eat, drink and gossip, naturally) is taking selfies! Top L, Lucia and I, Top R, Becky and I, Bottom L Katt and I, middle R Nat and I, bottom R Mookie and I doing our time-honoured tradition of the ugly selfie.

Now some of the lovely blogger/model babes on the catwalk: Top R Vicky Kuhn, Top L Sarah H, bottom L Mookie, and then me.

And some more selfies and a couple of shots of me. Photo credit: Top L, UKPSFW, top L & bottom R Mookie, Middle R Sarah H.

It was so hot in the venue (the hotel UKPSFW was hosted in was glorious by the way, check out Nat's photos here) and I was in the midst of one of my hormonal hot flushes so I felt like a sticky mess all day, but it was so good to see lots of the bloggers I've met before and a few new ones too. A bloggers' life is usually so busy that we're not always the best at keeping in touch with each other via our blogs, so seeing each other at events is a crucial way of bonding and feeling part of the gang. I think had my anxiety not been such a bum when I first started blogging it would've done me AND my blog the world of good to go to events, but my first big event was only last year! (Plus North). I envy the new rash of bloggers who were spat out into the world confident about themselves and their blogs.....I'm very much on a slow burn and always have been. ;)

I had been feeling quite fragile mentally a few days before the event so lots of cuddles were given and very much appreciated. It was a great day and I hope to make 2 days of the event next year, health willing. It's funny, but the clothes are always a kind of afterthought when I go to these events. It's always about meeting new people and catching up with old friends for me.

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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