Autumn Lusts

Hello loves!

I've had a fantastic weekend staying in London with my in laws and being a model for Scarlett and Jo, and I'll talk more about that soon. For now I want to talk about some cosy Autumnal things I have my eyes on. I love Autumn and all the changing colours make me so happy - rusty reds, orange, yellows, greens and browns. All of these colours I hated as a younger woman, but the older I've gotten the more connected I feel to nature and I crave earthy shades in the home to bring some of that joy inside with me.


50 pc imitation maple leaves - available in 5 colours 99p

10 x maple leaf garland - £2.85

Orange check scarf - £3.67

Purple check scarf - £3.89

These oversized scarves can be used in so many ways apart from around our necks. You could make cushion covers out of them (so cosy!), drape them over the back of a sofa, spread them widthways across the end of your bed for a decorative flourish or even use them as an Autumn-themed table runner. A bowl of foraged conkers and pine cones on top of a tartan scarf used as a table runner would look absolutely amazing. And don't forget you can also use oversized scarves as a blanket wrap if they're big enough, in a similar vein to this outfit post from me last year.

Today as James drove home from London we commented on the lovely leaf colours we saw and I said 'Isn't it funny how they're most vibrant when they're dying?' 

Do you love Autumn/fall colours? What things are you lusting over right now?

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

(Items are from eBay, please check seller feedback before purchase as a link doesn't symbolise endorsement from me. Also be aware these items are coming from China etc so will take 3-4 weeks to arrive).

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