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Here are some of the things I'm loving right now.


Here's what I'm loving this week.

Simple micellar water £4.49

I've tried Bioderma micellar water and B micellar water from Superdrug and I far prefer this one. The Bioderma one smelled strangely metallic and stung like the devil if I got it near my eyes. The B one from Superdrug was great but left my face feeling really sticky. This one by Simple is perfect for me - it doesn't smell, doesn't sting, and removes all but the most stubborn mascara. Micellar waters aren't a stand alone cleanser, but an additional cleansing step. For the low down on micellar waters, check out this great post by London Beauty Queen.

Makeup Revolution Hard Day palette £6

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. This is my go to palette at the moment because I can do neutral or fierce looks with it, and I can even use the 2nd left matte shade as a contour shade as I'm so pale. This is so, so versatile and I'm using it virtually every day at the moment.I used this to do the fierce makeup I wore to the Bullet For My Valentine gig, too.

Barry M nail polish Countess

This is probably my favourite nail polish ever. It's just stunning. It's a glorious purple-brown with gorgeous sparkle. I'm wearing it in the photo above. It was released in Autumn 2013 and I didn't realise it was limited edition or I would've bought 10. I've just bought a back up from eBay.

Barry M nail polish Burgundy Crush £3.99

This matte burgundy shade is lovely, but it really needs a top coat as it chips so easily.

China Glaze nail polish I'm Not Lion

Oh pissflaps, this one looks like it was limited edition too. I can't find a link for you to buy it right now. (Note to self, make sure everything is current next time). It's a lovely silver and gold sparkly polish.

New Look brooch £4.99

I have a penchant for crosses of all kinds and as soon as I saw this I gasped. It's so gorgeous, and quite a good size too. Snap it up before it's too late!

I'm also watching the second series of American Horror Story and loving it, and I've been listening to a lot of While She Sleeps on Spotify after seeing them play on Saturday.What are you loving right now?

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