The rise of plus size


I was asked to post this infographic by House of Fraser, and it has some interesting stuff in it I didn't know, so I thought I'd share.

Now I know in the past when I've been asked to share things like this (below) I've had some quite strong comments about wearing what the &!@$ you like, and good for you. These are guides to use if you want them, otherwise feel free to ignore them.

Also, I have to point out for clarity's sake that Tess Holliday is no longer a hero of mine, so please don't think posting this means I endorse her. There have been allegations made (serious allegations by hundreds of people) that she has defrauded them out of money. Just Google it, that's all I'm going to say on the matter. Yes, I AM a fan of what she's done for the plus size movement, but I'm not a fan of her personally any more.

Who else thinks the mention of the word stout used to describe plus size people in past times is hilarious?! It makes me think of the nursery rhyme 'I'm a little teapot'. Haha.

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