Things I love (and hate) about Autumn


I've been meaning to write this post for a few weeks and thought I'd better get it done before winter sets in. I think the weather does think it's winter though, as it's been proper chilly recently.

So, things I love about Autumn.

  1. Walks in the park. Although being out in the cold makes my muscles feel like I've been beaten with hammers, a short walk in the park to take in all the colours of nature is one of my favourite things to do. I love the shades the leaves go - reds, oranges, all the shades of green and yellow, even burgundy. Stunning.
  2. Hot chocolate. I love hot chocolate but it's never as nice when I make it myself as when I buy one in a coffee shop. Plus coffee shops have marshmallows and squirty cream, all the kind of good stuff I don't have at home. 
  3. The smell of laundry drying over the radiators. Mmmm, that lovely cosy launderette smell. 
  4. Halloween! I absolutely love it and want to buy alllllll the decorations. Seriously, I've been avoiding town for 4 weeks now as I have no control and will drive James to a nervous breakdown. I want it to be Halloween all year round. 
  5. Going out of a night time feels more special when it's dark when you leave. I don't know why, but it always feels more special to me if I'm going out and it's already pitch black. 
  6. Beautiful Autumn sunsets.
  7. Sunrises I'm actually awake to witness once in a while. The only time I get to see a summer sunset is when I've gone to bed really late. ;)
  8. Scarves and hats and gloves, oh my! Actually, that's a lie as I hate wearing gloves as I can't use my phone, although I have just bought some of those gloves you can use with mobile phones. Yesss! I love accessorising with cosy scarves and there's nothing like covering up a bad hair day with a big hat. Even better if it has a brim as I won't get water in my eyes when it rains. 
  9. Watching the rain pour down the windows at night and feeling all cosy inside. I hate rain in daylight hours, but once it's dark I love watching it. 
  10. Comfort food! Mashed potatoes. Soup and bread. Fishfinger sandwiches. Oh God, I'm so hungry.
  11. Wearing comfy boots. I get numb toes in winter (a Fibromyalgia thing) so faux fur lined ankle boots are my fave thing. 
  12. More time to watch the stars. It's dark for longer, so that means more time to stargaze. 
  13. Not being woken up by bastard seagulls at 4am when the sun rises. Amen. 
  14. Coming in from the cold, throwing off your coat and feeling the toasty warmth of the central heating. 
  15. 10 more minutes under the duvet because it's effing freezing out of it. 
And just a few things I don't like.

  1. S.A.D. I get the winter blues for about 6 months of the year and it can really kick my depression into high gear. I have to be mindful to put enough pressure on myself to get out of bed each day, but not too much that I feel thwarted. 
  2. Waking up with numb hands every day. Again, a Fibro thing - if they fall out of the covers - which they invariably do - they're totally numb when I wake up. 
  3. Trying to read my Kindle with hands that are going numb at bedtime. I need to wear fingerless gloves to bed!
  4. Slipping on wet leaves. My balance isn't so good, and wet leaves are my Autumn nemesis! 
  5. That first moment when you get out of your soft, cosy bed and the icy cold fingers attack your whole body. Aaaaaaarggghhh! 
Tell me, what do you love and hate about Autumn?

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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