Outfit | Big fat pumpkin

Hiya pumpkins!

I had so many Halloween outfits planned but because SAD is kicking my butt and I'm sleeping so much I'm not seeing a whole lot of daylight to take photos.

Here's one I did manage to do.

I bought this t shirt very cheaply from eBay. It's a Fruit of the Loom shirt, which surprised me because it was so cheap. The print will wear off over time, but it'll probably look even cooler then.

The leaves in the background are the ones I mentioned my Autumn Lusts post. I gave some to my mum and my aunt as well. It came with 10 lengths, and I used 3 here. I've saved one to make a hair accessory with.

I'm wearing:

Hair flower, Off With Her Head Millinery
Earrings, present from Mookie
Pumpkin t shirt, eBay
Skirt, past season New Look Inspire
Shoes, past Everything 5 Pounds

What are you doing for Halloween? I was going to a zombie walk but I need to rest my knee. Have a great weekend.

Leah xoxo

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