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Hiya loves!

I've been having a bit of a battle with confidence of late and I've binned lots of outfit shots because I hated them. The possibility of being peri-menopausal already has knocked my confidence a bit, and I've become fixated on my wrinkles and other signs of my impending transformation into a toothless old crone of 80. ;) It's perfectly normal to have highs and lows with regards to our appearance, and I'm sure I'll be right as rain in time. This outfit came out better than I expected so here are allll the photos while I actually like seeing myself.

No arse-kicking from me - I'm a lover not a fighter - but this tee shirt did make me giggle! I've had this t-shirt for about 5 years and have never worn it on the blog as far as I'm aware.



Natural curl *flounce*

I'm wearing:

Hair flower, old Peacocks
T-shirt, Smell Your Mum
Skirt, past season H&M+
Woolly feel tights, Big Tights Company
Tahlia boots, Brantano
Bag, past season New Look

The weather here has taken a real turn in the last few days and it's been absolutely freezing. Mookie and I went to the beach on Monday and I didn't last long before we headed to the pub for a large hot chocolate to warm my hands up on. Mookie is Norwegian and built of sterner stuff than me. :) Apparently we're in for a harsh winter this year and parts of Europe not a million miles away like Belgium are already having snow. I hate going out in cold weather because I'm so accident-prone. I'm literally phobic of walking on snow, slush, frost and ice. I have been overtaken by old ladies in bad weather, that's how bad I have it. So I'll be here, wearing my woolly tights to keep warm and avoiding the outside world till next April, OK? ;)

May your hot chocolate always have marshmallows in it.
Leah xoxo

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