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Hiya beauts!

I'm a pro member of Beauty Crowd, and I was sent these products from Jordana Cosmetics to try. Beauty Crowd does a great range of products which would be otherwise hard to source in the UK, and they're adding more brands all the time. Many of their brands are cruelty free too, and my favourite thing about the website is that every item that's cruelty free or vegan has a little round symbol under the description when you click through to view products individually. I wish all websites had such great disclosure.

Jordana are a very affordable US brand (especially so within America) who don't test on animals, and I was keen to see what the brand has to offer. I was sent 5 things - 2 lip gloss/balms, a blush stick, some purple-plum mascara, and a top coat.

Although I'd be the last person to say to put an age limit on makeup as I think we should all have fun with it whatever our age, these products in particular would've been a dream come true for me in my teens as they're very fun. Right, let's crack on, shall we?

Mascara in shade Powerful Plum. I used two coats and there was minimal clumping and a subtle effect on my dark lashes. The formula reminds me of Benefit's They're Real, as it's a very long lasting mascara. The colour did transfer a little to under my lower lash line after a few hours and needed removing with an oil-based cleanser, as it really doesn't want to budge. This took me back to my mid teens, when I was constantly being told off at school for wearing my mum's electric blue Avon mascara. It was the 80's, what can I say?!

Blush stick in Sunkissed. This smells abysmal - really synthetic. It's a lovely peachy shade with a powdery finish which doesn't have the best longevity, but it does blend really well.

Top coat. This was great timing as I needed a new top coat. I put it to the test by making quite a thick 2 coat nail polish application to see if it'd dry down in the 60 seconds advertised, and it really did. I'm very impressed - this is a really good top coat. I can't speak for the non-chipping properties as my nail polish never goes a day without chipping no matter what. I'm just too hand-sy for my own good.

Vanilla flavoured lip gloss. This smells absolutely divine! If you love vanilla scents, you'll adore this. It has very fine sparkle in it which doesn't give the Edward Cullen sparkly vampire effect when worn, thankfully. My teen self would have snapped this up in a second. Hell, adult me loves it too. It's high shine without being gloopy and I'd say it would satisfy normal to slightly dry lips.

Sweet and smooth lipbalm in Tropical. The smell of this takes me back to my childhood, which is a wonderful thing which scent does. It's a slightly synthetic, fruity smell (although not unpleasant) which kind of reminds me of my mum's old novelty eraser collection. It has shea butter, jojoba and vitamin E so I would say this is suitable for normal to dried out lips.

In summary, the vanilla lip gloss and the top coat were my favourite products. It is a very affordable line and it's cruelty free so those are two big plus points. Some of it may be better suited to younger relations, but they do have some wild blue mascaras.......I might just relive my teens again just for the hell of it.

Have you tried anything from Jordana? What makeup trends remind you of younger days?

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

*Products supplied by Beauty Crowd. Opinions are honest and my own.

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