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Hiya loves!

I need to get back in the habit of doing my Friday Youtube video but I've either been too busy or felt too low, so here's a wordy catch up.

Knee injury

I injured my knee on Sunday and it's been a few days of doing very little at all to help it heal, but I think it's getting there now. I have a history of knee problems after a work-related accident 20 years ago. I got impaled on a 6 inch bolt which went into my knee, which made my leg shrink. This other leg has carried more of it's fair share of weight for 2 decades because of that and occasionally plays up. It last did it about 5 years ago but it's worse this time - so stiff and there's very little range of movement - but it IS getting better.

Change of focus

I feel like turning over a new leaf and I'm gagging to get cracking as soon as my knee is better. I have a yen to focus a bit more on alternative looks as that's what really makes me happy, so I intend to have a clear out of a lot of clothes which don't fit into that aesthetic. Plus I'm watching the Coven series of American Horror Story at the moment and am really craving all black witchy style everything.


I've been buying up stocking fillers like no one's business (as my bank account attests - ouch!) and the spare room is being taken over with stuff. I wasn't in the mood for Christmas at all last year and swore to myself that I'd do all gift vouchers this year but have I hell! I am scaling back Christmas spending though as James and I have started looking at flats for sale. We're saving up towards a deposit and his parents will help us out a little with that but we have to be really careful with money. No, scratch that - I have to be really careful with money! This is another reason why clearing out my wardrobes appeals - I need the money from selling things and I like the idea of a capsule wardrobe in future - lots of black and white - where most things go with each other and can be jazzed up with accessories and my favourite strange coloured lipsticks. That will be a money saving move AND a space saving mood too. This year will be a far less materialistic Christmas so we can get our saving going.

These cuties

Look at these sweet things from Little Pink Kokoro.

They're brooches. Aren't they adorable? They're too good just for Halloween. I'll wear them all year round.

What's new with you? Are you doing anything for Halloween?

Leah xoxo

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