Outside My Comfort Zone 9 - tv or movie character

Hello lovelies!

It's out of my comfort zone time again!

I chose the theme this time.

I love dressing up, so I want to suggest we do a challenge 'inspired by a movie/cartoon/tv character' as that's really open to interpretation and should be a lot of fun.

I think seeing everyone's creativity coming out and hearing a little explanation WHY each person picked the character they did will be a great way to learn more about each other and we might be able to put across a side of us no one normally sees.

I chose Peg Bundy from Married With Children. I love her!

She's a domestic slut who'd rather sit around filing her nails than do anything else and she gives her poor hubby a lot of stick. She's one of my fashion icons so of course I had to be fat Peg Bundy! Read more about her here.

Be prepared for my chunky self in all my 80s glory, overdone 80s make up and me channelling Peg's attitude. Hopefully these photos will make you laugh!

Swimming cossie, Bon Prix
Wet look leggings, Miss Difusa
Belt, Simply Be
Shoes, Simply Be
Sweatband, eBay
Earrings, Laura's Jewellery
Lippie, W7 matte red lip colour

Who would YOU dress up as?

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