VIVO from Tesco Unprotected eyeshadow palette

Hiya loves!

I have a little Bobby dazzler to show you from VIVO, which is available from their website.
**EDIT** as of August 2015 VIVO is out of business. 


This palette has 12 shades, comes in at 8.4 g and costs just £4. There's a mixture of matte and shimmery shades and they're very pigmented. I've got quite a few bits from VIVO now and I find it very good quality for the price. As ever with eyeshadow you'll get a better result if you use a primer first. My philosophy about make up is to save money on things like eyeshadow which you can get very cheaply, and spend money on good make up brushess, foundation and skin care.

The packaging on VIVO items is no fuss, black and sturdy. The applicator inside is absolute rubbish - chuck it in the bin. I don't know why any make up companies bother to include applicators any more - they're all crap!

Thanks for reading.

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