10 day challenge - 9 loves

Hiya loves!

9 loves...only 9? I love so much of everything. Let's prioritise then!

1. My husband. He puts up with my spending, makes good tea, compliments me almost daily and makes me laugh all the time with his silly ways. Plus he has a really cute bum! :)
2. My family. They're all as mad as a box of frogs, but I share their DNA so I can't say anything bad about them, can I? ;)
3. My friends near and far. The ones who live in my puter, the ones who live in my heart, the ones who've left us.
4. Make up, shoes, make up, bags, make up, clothes, make up. Did I mention make up?
5. SUNSHINE! It's like my oxygen. I hate grey days.
6. Cute animals and cute kids.
7. Myself. Look, I hope to live for at least 70 years and I'm just over half way through (scary thought, fuck!) so I may as well appreciate myself or else it's going to be hell. I love myself. Things could be better, things could be worse. Why stress?! Just enjoy the journey.
8. Sea views, sunsets, and all the beauty of nature there is to look at.
9. Blogging. I feel if I didn't have this release I'd be stark raving bonkers.

How about you? Care to share 9 things you love? If you can't think of 9, give me your top 3!

What do you think of my new header, by the way?

Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend! (Ssh! P.S. Come back at 6 for an outfit post.)

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