Life outtakes

Hiya lovelies!

Bloggers are notorious for taking a zillion photos of errr...everything. Some of these don't really fit in with blog posts, so they sit around all unloved in our hard drives. Here are a few previously unloved photos to show you.

This lovely handmade notebook was bought for us as an anniversary present by my cousin Sara. She bought it at Camden market in London. It's gorgeous! It has plain paper pages but it's too good to use.

A lovely coffee made in my Dolce Gusto machine.

A couple of lovely views from home.

A birdcage we bought for the wedding last year, which now lives in our sun room.

What do you do with 'leftover' photos? Do you print your photos or are they held prisoner in your hard drive? I'll let you into a little secret - although we have hard copies of our wedding photos we haven't even bought a photo album to put them in yet. Oops.

Thanks for peeking!

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