Leeds fat swap part 3 - accessories etc

Hello earthlings!

Part 1 here & part 2 here

There were lots of other goodies at the fat swap, like make up, nail polish and accessories.

I got 3 lovely headbands and a purple hair flower.

 A lovely rose bracelet and a really long necklace.

 A selection of nail polish. As soon as I saw the top coat with stars I was all over it!

 I picked up this shimmer cube from the Body Shop because I've always wanted to try one.

They look really pigmented.

I also got this blue eyeshadow from 17 which is shot through with gold.

As you can see it's really pretty.

Last but not least, this lovely pink silk scarf came into my possession.

There was SO much lovely stuff at the swap. I didn't want to be greedy so made sure I brought back less than I took there with me in case anyone thought I was a grasping bitch. Everyone was so generous with what they brought and there were loads of things left over.

I'll be doing one last post tomorrow about the time we spent in Leeds with a few Instagram shots out and about.

Do you think clothes swaps are the way to go? I do!

Thanks for reading.

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