10 day malarky - 6 places

Hello you!

1. New York. This is on everyone's list, isn't it? Brooklyn Bridge, The Statue of Liberty, Flatiron building, Chrysler building, Empire State Building, Ground Zero, Central Park.....the list of places I'd love to see are almost without end.

2. Cornwall. It feels like home. The scenery, the proximity to water wherever you are...I love it and usually cry when I leave Cornwall for home. I've been many times and never get tired of it.

3. Kent. It's where I was born and although I've been away for more than half my lifetime, as long as one of my family members still draws breath there I will always go back. All of my family live there.

4. Hastings. It's my adopted home town and it feels a lot more like home than Kent ever did. You don't have to go very far at all to find stunning scenery - there are glorious little pockets of character virtually everywhere you turn. We're by the sea but if you go for a 10 minute drive you're in the countryside. There's lots to do here and it's a very arty place so there's quite a relaxed, Bohemian feel to it. Of course, like any place it has its drawbacks - unemployment is high, as is drug addiction. There are little in the way of jobs in the area, but it's a lovely place to live in, even if people have to commute to find good work.

5. Cyprus. We had a gorgeous holiday in Cyprus way back in 2007. This was the last 'big' holiday we had as that was a point when we were both working full time and could afford good holidays. We hired a villa for a week and it was glorious. James and I went with my brother. Here I am in the pool, which I spent about 4 hours a day in. I would go back tomorrow if I could.

6. Greece. I had my first foreign holiday ever in Corfu. It was the only time I've spent 2 weeks abroad. I went with my brother's girlfriend's mum. It sounds a bit odd but we were working together and both needed a holiday so it made sense. I still remember how much it cost - 2 weeks self catering for £169!

We stayed in Dassia but travelled the length and breadth of the island in those two weeks and walked up to 10 miles a day. We ate and drank like queens and I came back with super toned legs from swimming and walking so much. Ah, happy days! I'd love to go back. I like the relaxed island attitude.

What would be on your list? (If you haven't already done this post.)

Thanks for reading!

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