Leeds fat swap part 2 - MOAR clothes!

Hiya lovies!

If you saw my first post about the fat clothes swap you'll probably be wanting to see what else I snagged. Without further ado, let's get stuck in!

Lovely print vest, Asda.

Leopard print vest, Asda.

 Butterfly print top, Evans or Dotty P (just says Arcadia Group.)

Slinky leopard print vest, Asda. This is the tightest item of the lot and I need to widen the arm holes a bit but it's shiny and it's leopard print! L-O-V-E!

 This coral top is from Tesco and is a really summery shade. It's a bit tight but I'll make it work.

 This vest has padded cups and makes my boobs look BAZINGA!

This crepey sheer shirt is from Evans.

 This stripey shirt is from Asda.

I've been wanting a yellow cardi for a while. Hopefully the stain at the back will wash out and if not, who cares? I can't see my back! From Asda.

This cute bow covered cardi is from Papaya - where's that from?

This basic green T from Evans is very summery and will be great for lounging around the house or for doing yoga in.

This peplum top is from New Look and looks brand new. I've been wanting a peplum top for ages. Win!

This lovely monochrome top is from Rogers & Rogers.

This cream dress is from Tesco and is a size 22. It fits me perfectly.

I think in future I'm not going to pay any attention to labels when I shop in stores (which to be fair, is rare) but just go on fit. I'd have never imagined a size 22 dress would have fit me, so I've learned a valuable lesson from this swap.

Come back tomorrow for part 3 where I show you the make up, nail polish & accessories I scored.

Do you like any of the bits I've posted? (Or recognise them as previously yours?!) 

Thanks for reading!

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