NOTD - Barry M sequin nail effects

Hello lovelies!

When I heard Barry M were doing some new sequin nail polishes I was very excited and bought 2 of the 3 available at the moment - black and pink. The black one has subtle gold sequins in it and the pink one has multi coloured sequins. There's also a white one available.

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The base colour I used is Papaya, from the Gelly polish range, which is more coral than these photos show.

On my forefinger I used OPI's matte top coat. On my middle finger I used the pink sequin effect polish and on my ring finger I used the black one.

The pink based sequin polish is quite watery, at least in comparison to the black one, which is crammed with sequins and lays down in a quite thick layer. With the pink one you have to artfully arrange the sequins to cover the nail as it doesn't give as much coverage. The black one is opaque on the nail, so much so you don't need another colour underneath. I painted that nail with Papaya as I assumed the black polish would be thin and watery. Wrrrrrong!

I feel that the black polish is a bit too thick and the pink one a bit too watery. It's not very often I dislike something from Barry M - they're one of my favourite make up brands by far - but on this occasion I'm not wowed. At £3.99 each (and often on 3 for 2 offer in Boots and Superdrug) at least they're the kind of thing you can experiment with at little cost. Maybe I'll like them a little more on my second attempt. I certainly prefer the black one over the pink one anyway, who has time to faff around pushing tiny bits of sequins around their nails?!

The next offering to catch my eye from Barry M are the confetti nail effects, which to my eye are Barry M's version of Nails Inc's feather nail polishes. It's basically nail polish rammed full of bar glitter. How on earth they came to call it feathers is anyone's guess, but I'd like some of what they're smoking! ;)

Have you tried any of Barry M's new polishes? I must say they're bringing so much new stuff out at the moment it's dizzying. Bravo, Bazza!

Here's a conundrum for you - why is it as soon as I do my nails I either find myself absolutely busting for a pee or with terribly itchy ears I can't scratch?! :) 

Thanks for peeking!

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