10 day thing - 7 wants

Hiya sausages!

Onwards with this challenge.

7 wants.

  1. For my health not to get worse and for the strength to fight the slide into even worse mobility if at all possible.
  2. To live a long and happy life with my husband so we grow old and eccentric together.
  3. For nothing horrible to happen to anyone in my life and the strength to deal with it if it does.
  4. For the arseholes at the DWP and in the Government to stop the witch hunt against the sick and jobless. Stop the deaths, stop the suicides, stop putting the wealth of the already heinously wealthy first.
  5. For the strength to stop being such a spendaholic. I know I'm putting pressure on my husband who is a good man. I spend when I'm sad. I spend when I'm lonely. I spend when I think about our lost babies. I'm spending away our mortgage fund. This makes me feel like a total bitch. I need help.
  6. To be able to decide if I can live without being a parent, and if the answer is no, the strength to find out what I'm going to do with the rest of my life instead. I married a man thinking we both wanted kids. He doesn't. It's complicated because of my 2 x ectopic pregnancy history and my totally fucked up reproductive system (ovarian cysts, only one fallopian tube, thickening of the womb lining) because I may never have been able to conceive again, but now I'll never know. I guess hard facts are easier to deal with than a lifetime of what ifs.
  7. Something shallow - how about a small Lotto win? That'd be grand. 

How about you? What would be at the top of your want list right now?

Thanks for reading.

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