10 day challenge - 2 songs

Greetings earthlings!

Two songs? Two songs?! TWO SONGS? Help. Oh, goowan then! First two that pop into my head out of the thousands rattling round my head. Go!

As far as I'm concerned this is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. My mum and dad liked Simon and Garfunkel so I listened to them when I was a small child.

This is another oldie. It's really catchy and when it pops into my mind, I can listen to it over and over without being bored. My teenage friend Ruth's dad introduced me to Mike Oldfield, and lots of other music. Because things were so horrible at home I spent most of my time at Ruth's with her mum Sue and dad Paul. Sue made endless rounds of tea and toast and Paul played loads of great music and taped me lots of things. I have nothing but happy memories of the time I spent there and will be eternally grateful to Sue for being a surrogate mum to me.

If you asked me to pick two songs ten times over you'd get two different songs every time. I think in songs. I'm always singing!

Thanks for reading.

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