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Hiya pickles!

I'm low on energy this week so have a quite casual outfit for today. This is the kind of outfit I wear around the house when I'm not up to anything special. I'm loving yellow and green together at the moment. I want to be a daffodil!

Mookie gave me this t shirt a few weeks ago. It has a kind of stripy burn out pattern on it and it's a very lightweight fabric which feels really cool and airy on. Thanks Mookie. :)


It's silly but I always feel bad when I share a casual outfit - I always feel like I should bring the razzle dazzle. But that's not real life, is it?! I also dislike sharing outfits where everything is old, but in this case everything is. There's something which needs addressing in that - the feeling I should always have new, new, new things or the blog will go off the boil.

I look really tired in these photos and I am. As well as worrying about things with my olds, I'm getting ready for my birthday do this weekend which involves making things, packing and general plotting. ;)

T-shirt, old Yours via Mookie
Earrings, Bluebirds & Daisies
Necklace, last year's New Look
Leggings, Very
Bracelets, gift/old
Ring, old New Look
Shoes, old Very

I'm going to have a preview of my birthday night out outfit for you in a day or two, and hubby's outfit, too. We know we're going to get sweaty and trashed within 5 minutes of going out (or beforehand!) so we want to capture our outfits while we look pristine.

Thanks for reading!

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