Denim a l'orange OOTD

Hiya pickles!

This might be the cheesiest outfit title I've ever used. :)

Simply Be orange paisley dress

My hubs is off work with a terrible throat infection, and he's been taking photos for me (so I don't have to go out alone with a tripod) even though he feels like death warmed up. It's only fair he's my snapper in exchange for living with his dying swan act for the last few days. (Side note - what is it with men refusing help?! Everything I've suggested which will make him better he's refused to do....what an ickle martyr!)

It was so lovely to take my shoes off and walk on the soft, springy grass! Ah, it's SO good to be outside.

Dress, Simply Be via Mookie
Shirt, Burtons (20 years ago!)
Handbag, Banned via eBay

Hubby bought me the bag for my fancy dress outfit for my birthday, but it's normal enough to use every day. Within a couple of weeks of having it one of the front magnetic clasps had popped off, which I'm not too chuffed about, but it has been stuffed to the brim of and lugged about to London and Birmingham in the short time I've had it so it could be worse.

How are you loving this sunshine, UK peeps? I hope it's sunny where you are!

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