My 40th birthday weekend

Hello lovelies!

I've had a fantastic birthday weekend and a quiet-ish day today. It's been fabulous. Today is also our 2nd wedding anniversary as well as my birthday.

We went away for 3 days to celebrate my birthday. We spent one night in a country hotel in High Wycombe to break up our journey. As we pulled up to the hotel we heard the hooting of an owl in the tree next to us, and we were woken up by the dawn chorus of birds outside our window the next morning. It was in the middle of nowhere and it was a lovely restful start to our trip.

View from our bedroom window at the first hotel

A huge 6 ft bed greeted us

Friday morning we headed off bright and early to Birmingham.

St Martin's church

Hubby and the Bullring

We got some last minute bits and bobs we needed for our night out then had lunch in Wetherspoons. We found all that we needed very quickly - Birmingham's the place to go for easy shopping!

Pulled pork burger, yum!

Another day, another bed!

Premier Inn, we like your beds!

We were given a family room with a chaise longue, bonus!

When we got to the hotel after walking round Birmingham for a couple of hours I was so tired I went straight to sleep on the chaise longue. In the evening we went to meet Nikki from Natty Nikki. We had some bad luck with cabs and arrived an hour late, but thankfully Nikki killed time in New Look as it was bitterly cold that night. We went to Nandos and had a lovely meal and a good chat.

Lovely Nikki

One of my presents from Nikki

On Saturday afternoon our friends started arriving at the hotel (we all stayed in the same one) so we had drinks in the hotel bar before going off to get ready.

Lisa and I both had on the same dress. :)

We had people round to our hotel room before we went out for drinks and chat, which was nice. Here are all 11 of us. We also met a couple of other friends in the pub who live in Birmingham.

We went out to Scruffy Murphy's in Birmingham which is a well known rock pub. It was like the 80's never died, it was full of young uns who were mad about glam rock. It was so hot and humid in the pub from being so packed full of people I was glowing somewhat! I'd already decided against the wig as I was just too hot, and it was a good thing I did or else I would've melted.

Here I am a few drinks in.

I managed to get on false eyelashes on top & bottom lids, yay!

It's really sad but I was really pleased to have got false eyelashes on properly for the first time in my life. I always thought I had the wrong shaped eyes for them (they always pinged off) but no, I was just using shit glue! You don't have to spend a lot on false eyelashes (I used MUA ones) but getting good glue is essential. The stuff which comes with false eyelashes is rubbish.

I haven't included all the photos as some of the people there might not be as fond of being all over the internet as I am. ;)

Hubs, Ming the Merciless and a zombie rebel fighter
Lovely Lis & Darren who came from N Ireland!

I'm so bummed I didn't get video of Darren's outfit. It had flashing lights on the panel on his chest and everything.

Me and my gal pals who I met through a penpal agency

It was for rock fans & we've been mates for about 14 years


Hubs and I

Jason Momoa you say? Eeeeee.

Horns up \m/ \m/

Our friend Helen was with us. RIP.

After the pub we went to Eddie's rock club to shake our funky stuff. I had a lot of fun and was tired out by 1.30am. All I wanted was my slippers and a cuppa! I definitely had an old fart moment. :)

Today hubby test drove a new car (much excitement!) and we had fish and chips, followed by a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad, and now we're going to watch Game of Thrones!


Thanks for reading.

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