Bye bye old home // life update

Hiya loves,

Forgive me for doing another life update so soon after the last one, but I have a lot on my mind.

I'll be talking about:
  • Packing up my mum & step dad's house
  • Feeling introspective with the big 4-0 around the corner
  • Whitney Way Thore aka the fat girl dancing

The weekend just gone hubs and I went to Kent to help my mum and dad pack up their house because they're moving. More on that in the link above.

Bye bye home

I'm drained. I don't even feel like we did that much to help, but my body is suffering anyway. We helped them to pack up about 2 rooms. On Sunday morning when we were packing my mum burst into tears and it was horrible, but I know they'll be happy in their new place once they've settled in.

It wasn't all bad by - we were there for mothers day which was lovely and we went for a mothers day meal. Don't laugh - at McDonalds! My mum loves McDonalds. We went to a newly opened McD's and sat outside in the spring air, so it was quite lovely. We also popped in to see my dad, cousin, aunt, uncle and my niece. We also took the opportunity to have a peek through the windows of my mum & step dad's new bungalow. I hope it's a Tardis because it looks bloody tiny from the outside. I'll be seeing them again a week after they move (because of my health I can't be of use to them with that) and hopefully they'll be feeling at home in the new place by then.

My niece and I

I'm feeling a bit introspective with the big 4-0 coming up on Monday. I have a yearning to get my life in order. I want to get rid of unnecessary clutter; sort my wishes out about my funeral (I lost 2 friends before the age of 45 in the last few years & it has brought home that there are no guaranteed tomorrows) and also work a bit more on my health as I feel like microwaved crap lately. It's a case of the worse I feel the more I NEED to eat really good, nutritious food, but the less inclined I am to cook it. I'm hoping getting a juicer will make a difference. Just whizz everything up and get my 5 a day in by lunchtime. Hopefully this time next week I'll have a juicer purchased with my birthday money and will be feeling a little more skippy with juiced fresh fruit and veg in mah belleh!

Talking of health stuff, I've been reconnecting with one of my true loves. Seeing Whitney Way Thore dancing has reminded me I can do exercise I actually like to feel good - I don't have to punish myself with something I hate. I can dance in my own living room whenever I feel like it, no equipment needed. Hell I can do it naked and all I need is to remember to keep the curtains closed and keep hydrated! ;)

Dancing is a celebration of life and I'm vowing to blare some music out and dance for 10 minutes a day whenever I feel up to it. Exercise shouldn't be about punishment, it should be about enrichment, and since I've had Fibromylagia and CFS/ME I've lost touch with a lot of the things I love because being reminded of them the way I used to do them makes me sad. I can't go and dance all night without consequences any more, but I can dance in short bursts and be OK, or I can dance a lot and pay for it afterwards. There will be some joyful 'it's my birthday and I know I'm going to pay for it next week' dancing this very weekend. Sometimes you just have to say bollocks to the consequences and go live your life a bit.

I'm hoping this finds you well.

Thanks for reading.

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