Organic Surge 2 minute moisture hair mask

Hello lovelies!

I recently bought a couple of bits from Organic Surge, who are one of my favourite cruelty free companies. I'd heard good things about this hair mask and was keen to try it out for myself. Can a two minute mask really make that much difference to my hair? Read on to find out!

I was expecting a tiny little pot but as you can see it's a sizeable pot. Using it once a week, it's going to last me months.

It has a creamy consistency - neither too runny nor too thick.

Here's what Organic Surge says about it:

Daily life and regular heat styling can take the life out of all hair types, leaving it dull, frizzy and dehydrated. In just two minutes this creamy, nourishing mask gives your hair the emergency treatment it craves.

Our 2-Minute Moisture Hair Mask is super-charged with pure coconut oil and plant extracts, it works to penetrate the hair shaft, targeting weak or damaged areas and helping to protect hair from the inside out. Enjoy smooth, manageable hair that shines with health and vitality.


Why We Love It

  • 97.5% natural moisture hair mask
  • Untouched by harsh chemicals
  • Silicone free detangling and conditioning
  • Protects hair from the inside out
  • Animal-friendly, suitable for vegetarians and vegans


Use it this way

After washing, work a generous scoop through your hair, combing through lengths. Allow just two minutes to work, then rinse away and dry as usual.


Natural Actives

  • Coconut oil - naturally nourishing, high in antioxidants, helps to protect hair from environmental and heat styling damage
  • Sweet orange and black pepper essential oils - work to eliminate toxins, stimulate the lymphatic system and boost scalp circulation
  • Plant extracts - help to condition hair without build-up, smoothe the cuticle and help improve visible shine

I grab about a teaspoon or two worth of product and run it from level with my ears down to the ends of my hair, paying attention to the hair that grows behind each ear which is really rough and curly. I don't very often condition my whole head of hair as I have a greasy scalp.

What's the verdict? It's a winner! It smells gorgeous - I love coconut scents. It makes my hair softer, less tangly and more shiny. Since my reverse shampooing regime my hair is looking great. Because of reverse shampooing I put the mask on, leave it for two minutes then shampoo afterwards and I still get all the benefits of the mask.

Organic Surge 2 minute moisture mask is £6.99 for 150ml and you can get it here.

Have you tried this out?

Thanks for reading.