Bluebells and the beach

Hiya honey buns!

Last Saturday my hubby and I went to a local woods and then to the beach. We had a picnic on a bench in the woods then drove to the beach to make the most of the fresh air and sunlight.

I adore bluebells and wish they'd been a bit more tightly packed. On Friday last week we passed a wilder looking woods in the car and it was thickly covered in bluebells but there was nowhere to park. I guess that's why it's so thickly strewn - no one walks through it!

Titty tree

Hubs carrying the food!

Totally accidental bokeh in the background

It was fiercely cold at the beach so we sat with our backs to one of the groynes and it was perfectly pleasant then. Hubs amused himself as usual with a game - trying to knock the rocks off a post (below) someone had left behind. I joined in and we ended up giggling because we had so many shots way off target that if anyone was in the vicinity they'd have been lobotomised via a large beach pebble.

Sunny enough for sunnies, yes!

These wooden things are groynes

I have one more day out post to share in the next few days, from when we went to Rye on Easter Sunday.

Thanks for looking! What's your favourite thing to do on a sunny Spring day?

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