My strategies for spending less money

Hello lovelies.

Since I've been blogging and blog reading I've never spent so much money and it has got to the point where even I, patron saint of materialistic ho-bags says 'Enough!' I'm constantly tempted by beautiful things on blogs and unless I want a kick up the arse from my hubby I need to sort it out and pronto. I've come up with a few strategies to help me be less tempted.

  • Ask myself do I NEED it? A lot of the time I think I need something, like a 10th red lippie, but no, I don't NEED it, I just want it.
  • Ask myself will I use it? If it's a multiple of something I've already got, probably not!
  • Ask myself have I got something similar? If so, leave it.
  • Ask myself can it wait or will it sell out? If it'll be there in a week or two, leave it for now. If it's sale or limited edition & having answered the first 3 questions with yes, I might go ahead.
  • Avoid wishlist posts. I end up wishing, which turns into buying.
  • Avoid haul posts. They trigger me to spend.
  • Avoid online shopping late at night, which is my trigger time.
  • Avoid impulse shopping. If I still want something as badly a few days later then I might consider a purchase. I always search for discount codes on before checkout so that I can save some money.
  • Think of what I can do with the money I don't spend. Save it, buy something nice for the flat, spoil someone else.
  • Remind myself I can't have everything and it's silly to want to.
  • Remind myself I'm running out of room.
  • Remind myself a childhood of poverty needn't mean I buy errrrthang to prove to myself I'm no longer poor.
  • Remind myself that purchases never cheer me up for long.
  • Make a deal that for whatever I bring into the house, one item has to go to charity.
  • Do online shopping hit and runs. I fill up my basket with goodies then close the page. I think the thought of spending money is sometimes nearly as good as the real thing.

What are your tips for avoiding spending?

Thanks for reading.

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