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Hiya lovelies,

As many of you know it's my birthday next week, the big 40. This weekend we're going out all dressed up with a bunch of my besties from all over the UK. Hubs and I are going in kind of steampunk-ish outfits. My original thought was to go all Van Helsing but sourcing fancy dress crossbows and stakes was a bit difficult so it's just a bit of steampunk dress up with a bananas wig for me. Actually I think mine is steampunk meets burlesque meets Queen of hearts, oh well! :)

Yesterday we did a trial run of our outfits and I did a make up trial so we could see what needs to be added/taken away and what I'll do differently with my make up. I went for quite a theatrical eye look with some spidery false lashes and think I'll tone that down a bit. ;)

I've got a couple of military style brooches to pin to my corset and will probably improvise something else before Saturday night. I might swap the lace top for a black short sleeved shirt as it'll look better I think.

I'm wearing cropped leggings not tights underneath my skirt here as I hate the minge sweat that tights cause. I might swap them out for full length leggings on the night itself depending on the weather.

I hacked away at the fringe of the wig (it had about an 11 inch side swept fringe before) to make it more me. I've almost always got a crooked fringe so it's somewhat fitting. I bought the mini hat off an eBay seller and took everything it came with off it and made a funky steampunk hat. I'll do a separate post about the things I've made for the night out.

Here are the 2 necklaces I made for going out, and there's a close up of my boots as well, which look kinda steampunk-y (and most importantly of all, I can walk in them!)

Hat, made by me
Wig, Geisha Wigs
Key & cameo necklaces made by me
Watch key necklace, gift from my friend Elaine
Lace top, old New Look
Velvet jacket, Taking Shape*
Corset, Corset Story
Skirt, Domino Dollhouse
Leggings, Very
Boots, Evans

Now hubby's outfit.

The lacy cravat was a last second thing, but I'm going to sew him a proper one and glue a cameo to it to add some interest to his outfit. I've also made him a chain with a key on it which goes from one of the poppers on his waistcoat to one of the pockets, but he's not wearing it here.

Hubby's shirt, waistcoat (pre-loved) and leather trench (scored almost brand new for £45!) all from eBay
Trousers, Tesco (hideously sewn shit, avoid avoid avoid)
Belt, Primark
Boots, his toe protectors from work
Hastily bodged cravat, me
Steampunk gun, eBay

Some close ups of the hat and my make up. I'm going to swap the full on bottom eyelashes for a more natural looking set on the actual night. For some reason I can't really get on with false eyelashes on my top lids so on the spur of the moment I put them on the bottom. Although it gives me a zany doll look, I quite like it, although it's not steampunk at all (but it has given me ideas about a Queen of Hearts look for another occasion.)

Wonk fringe ahoy!

I also need to put some red eyeshadow in my brows to make them match my hair and swap my nicey-nicey labret stud for my foreskin killing spike, which hubby still winces at the thought of!

So that's that. We wanted to capture some photos of us in an un-sweaty, unharried state as we know on the night it's going to be utter bedlam. ;)

Posts might be a bit thin on the ground over the next few days as I get my party on, so see you on the other side!

Thanks for reading.

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