Simply Be PU midi skirt

Hello lovelies!

I have an actual post with clothes on my body today, whoo hoo. Apologies for all the wordy posts, but I've found myself suddenly pole axed with fatigue after my fun weekend in Brum. Anyway, on with the show!

This skirt by Simply Be was purchased by my own fair hand when it was down from £40 to £28. It had gone down to £20 in a brief 50% sale they did, but they didn't have my size when it was half price. Truth be told they didn't have it in my size when it went down to £28 either. I'm squeezing into a 26 here but I probably could've used a 28 to accommodate my never-will-be-child bearing hips. Man, what a waste of all that hip. ;) I'm a tight arse who refuses to pay £40 for a dress if I can help it, let alone a skirt, so I wouldn't have bought this at full price, no matter how lovely it is.

I'd seen the skirt on the beautiful Callie and wanted it, but it was seeing it on Gemma that gave me the confidence to buy it, as her body type is a bit more like mine.

Yes, it has pockets, although to be fair you need to have the hands of a pipsqueak as they're tiny.

Forgot to smile, too busy thinking about tiny pockets

The dress is supposed to be kind of A-line, but where my hips are so dang big it kinda bunches up just below the waist, but I can live with it. The smallest part of me is right under my boobaloos, so hitching it up a couple of inches higher will probably avoid the puffy pockets look. It's a comfortable skirt with a little bit of give to it, not at all restrictive like some PU things can be, and it doesn't make you sweat like you're wearing a bin bag in a sauna, either. Always a bonus!

I'm wearing my New Look sale boots which I meant to return ages ago, but forgot. They're not wide fit and I'm wearing them in. The reason I was going to send them back is there's no zip. I was hoping for a zip at the back to ease getting them on and off but no such luck. I should've read the description better, but I was in full on 'WAAAAAAAAAHHHH, SALE!' mode. At the moment the buckles aren't done up, but they're so snug on my fat trotters they stay on fine anyway, and the tongue is thickly padded so that helps too. The only heels you're ever going to see me in comfortably for more than 2 minutes are chunky buggers like these.

PU kick out midi skirt - Simply Be
Sheer cover up - old Simply Be
Eagle necklace, Primark
Ring, old New Look
Top, old Sainsburys
Bracelet, eBay
Boots, New Look

Happy Friday! Do you like PU/pleather? Hubby came home when I was taking these photos and gave me the seal of approval, even though he normally chides me for spending money. I know when I'm onto a winner when he likes what I buy. :)

Thanks for reading.

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