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A couple of weeks ago Laura from the Big Bloomers Company asked if I'd like to review some of their anti-chafing long leg knickers. Intrigued, I said yes, as like many a larger person before me, I get chafing when my legs rub together, especially when it's hot. I know Big Bloomers worked hard to perfect these knickers - they've been developing them for over a year with the Italian manufacturers - so I was keen to try them for myself.

I had chafing even at lower weights - I've always had plump inner thighs - so it's worth noting that these knickers are available from a size 12 for slim folks with juicy thighs, as well as for us larger people.

The knickers come in two lengths - short and long legged, and I plumped for the long legged version.

Just a couple of days later they arrived, and I set them aside for a day when I knew I'd be walking to put them to the test. Hubs and I went to Rye a week ago on a hot sunny day, and Rye is a very hilly place. We ended up rushed for time and this meant walking uphill (on cobbles, in new boots) in the heat quickly, all a good test for the knickers. Not only was I hot and bothered from the walking and rushing, but we had to take a short cut down an overgrown set of steps at a scarily steep incline on the way back and I was cacking it. I got that horrible stress sweat because I was convinced I was going to fall and crack my head open because my new boots are so slippy.

You might have thought with all this going on I'd have been steaming from the crotch(!), feeling uncomfortable and in need of an industrial fan to cool off my nether regions. Nope! From the minute I put the knickers on until we were in the car on the way home I forgot about them. In fact it was only the absence of being hot, sweaty and uncomfortable 'down there' that jarred on me all of a sudden as we were on our way home. Only then did I realise I hadn't had to think about my undies AT ALL while we were rushing around. I'd got hot, I'd got sweaty - I'd mopped my brow with a tissue and felt a little sweat run down the small of my back, but I remained cool and comfortable below the waist. The ribbed cuffs on the legs stayed put the whole time, which meant no surreptitious rearranging of creeping knicker leg. This NEVER usually happens. Usually when wearing anything under a dress or skirt to stop chafing/chub rub I exude as much heat as a furnace! I normally have to reposition the legs at least a few times when I'm walking about to make sure I stay comfortable and/or waft a breeze up my legs with my dress or skirt to cool down my lady garden.

Photos c/o Big Bloomers Company. Short anti chafe knickers | back detail | thick cuffs at hem

I've tried many methods to stop chub rub - cut off leggings (far too hot in summer), Evans comfort shorts (which ride up constantly AND make my vag boil) and even my beloved Gok Wan shaper pants, which are great but can make me feel like an overstuffed sausage after eating as they're shapewear after all. Nothing I've tried has ever been as comfortable as these knickers. They're made of a lightweight tights material (93% polyamide and 7% Lycra) and I can't feel I'm wearing them at all. They're reinforced from inner leg to inner leg in a panel right as that's naturally where wear will occur. There are also two sculpted seamless back panels which mould to the shape of your bum to add support.

You can see if you look closely (apologies for the close up of my bum - I had to put knickers on underneath to protect my modesty!) the reinforced centre line in the back of the knickers. You can also see how the cuffs of the legs sit comfortably under the back of my knees.

I come in at a size 26/28 in most clothes, but sized up to a 30/34 in the knickers as I thought the extra breathability would be good. They're a good fit - neither too tight nor too loose - they just sit there perfectly like a second skin and don't move. The waistband and cuffs don't dig in at all and they don't budge an inch. I don't know what keeps them in place - it might be magic, but I don't care, it just works!

Sizes available: 12-16, 18-22, 24-28, 30-34, 36-40.
Lengths: Short £12.95, long £15.95.
Colours available: black, white and natural.
Buy here.

No horrible crotch sweat, no riding up, no twisting, just pure comfort. I've taken to wearing them around the house like shorts as they're so comfortable. They're an absolute RECOMMEND from me. I'm so used to the discomfort of measures against chafing that I never thought it would change. Thanks to Big Bloomers Company for listening to customer feedback to make the knickers in the first place, and for testing them so thoroughly to perfect them. They will get a lot of wear over the spring and summer and I think I might buy the shorter length ones myself.

Do you think you might try these out?

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*Item sent for review but opinions are honest and my own.

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