The last 5 things I bought

Hello loves,

I thought I'd introduce a new post to show I don't always spend all my money on clothes and make up.

My last 5 purchases were:

  1. A donation to a Kickstarter appeal for a film called Fattitude. Read more here
  2. An e book written by Ragen Chastain, one of my fave body-posi people, as prompted by Sarah, who wrote about it, which reminded me I'd never bought Ragen's book. D'oh!
  3. Virgin coconut oil.
  4. Chia seeds.
  5. Flax seed oil.
Laura said something recently about the importance of supporting your community, hence purchases 1 & 2. I want to support people who support bodies like mine.

I'm also supporting myself, which is why I've bought a few things from Fushi to help me better my health and well-being. Their virgin coconut oil is not only the cheapest I've ever found, but the tastiest by far. I use it for oil pulling (post on that soon), I'm trialling it as a deodorant (yes really, post on that soon, too!), in smoothies and on toast for a delicious burst of flavour. It's so good for your hair and skin, and of course although it's food grade you can use it for a number of other things.

What are the last 5 things you bought?

Thanks for reading.

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