Simply Be pink onesie

Hello Easter muffins!

I've finally bought my first onesie. Now I too know the joys of shirking off a onesie in a cold bathroom when I need a wee. :)

I bought two onesies from Simply Be - this one and a zebra print one. They sent me two the same. Woe is me! Aside from that, how did I get on with the onesie?

Well, I sized up two sizes to a 32/34 and if I bend over or stand up very straight I end up with the camel toe from hell. I'm 5ft 5 and a half, so if you're a 6 footer you're going to look like a 5 year old bursting out of a babygro unless you size up eleventy two times. At least there are generously wide cuffs at the ankles so I can hitch the legs up so I can bend over without cutting myself in half. Other than the height issue it's lovely and warm and I can fit my mobile in the top pocket.

Not bad for £14.

Have you got a onesie?

Onesie, Simply Be £14
Slippers, birthday present

Also available in zebra print. Allegedly. 

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