The birthday presents post!

Hello pickles!

I've debated about doing a post about my birthday presents as I'm not a show off, but I am a nosy person and I like reading these posts by other people. :) I'm not the kind of girl to have designer handbags or things like that given to me, but I got a lot of lovely things and felt very spoiled.

Fab shot glasses

Purse and scarf set

I'll put a photo from my birthday night out in this

And contained this lovely locket from them both

I got a good amount of money and Amazon vouchers as well so I bought a juicer and a dress - pics to follow of both. I have some money left over and put aside for my new desk.

I still have one more present to come from the ma and pa in law, so I look forward to that. I'll forget about it and then it'll be a surprise! Yay.

Thanks for taking a peek.

(I haven't included the key necklace and crown earrings from my friend Elaine or the corset & bag hubby got me as you've already seen those.)

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