A trip to Hawkhurst

Hello lovelies,

On Good Friday hubby was just starting to feel human again after his illness so we went out for a drive to Hawkhurst, in Kent and explored St Lawrence's cemetery. One of my favourite things to do is visit churches and cemeteries - they're so peaceful.
Bluebells and daffodils

We explored the cemetery then sat on a bench and had a picnic lunch. We only saw a few people while we were there, and all we could hear were birds, a bumblebee nearby and the whoosh of cars going past. It was a lovely sunny day, a little bit chilly at times, but the fresh air did us a world of good.

Whenever I go to a cemetery I always gravitate towards the oldest gravestones - the leaning ones, the ones covered in lichen, the ones you can no longer read. I love ancient things. I've enjoyed hanging out with the dead since I was old enough to go for walks on my own as a child. Whenever I was troubled I would walk through local cemeteries, at peace with my thoughts.

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