Family visit & Bottle Alley art exhibition

Hello love bugs!

The weekend before last while some of my family were staying with us, we had some additional visitors for the day for my my niece's birthday. There was a gaggle of 10 of us in all, which isn't unusual at all when we have these family gatherings. We always go in droves! I thought I'd share some of the photos I took as it was such a lovely, hot day with plenty of blue sky.

We had a lovely walk along the promenade into Hastings. There was an art exhibition along the supporting beams of Bottle Alley on the lower promenade which we enjoyed looking at as we walked through it. Bottle Alley is going to be refurbished soon - it's well overdue - so the exhibition was timed as a last hurrah before that. There were lots of different artists' work with a monochrome theme throughout, and I think we all really enjoyed it, as well as the chance to be out of the sun for a while.

I love the way art touches different people in different ways and it really made me want to come home and do some collage art. :) It was also good to see some pubs and cafes springing up along the seafront with the pier reopening in mind. Much of the buildings along St Leonards and Hastings seafront have been left to rot, particularly the subterranean ones, so it was really good to see lots of life being injected into these places. The pier is due to reopen next March, and I can't wait. A seaside town with no pier is like a crown with no jewels. It's just not right.

It's nice to see some progress being made on Hastings Pier

We visited lots of charity shops, went to the pub for a long lunch, visited the arcades so little one and her friend could play on the coin drop machines, and then we came back here for birthday cake. It was a really lovely day. I haven't put photos of most of our group in as they're not all as keen to be on the internet as I am. ;)

Thanks for taking a peek.

Leah xoxo

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