Outfit | Collection by Evans ivory devore skirt

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I fell in love with this skirt when I first saw Evans' Design Collective video months ago. When it was released it was £50, which is way out of my price range for a skirt. Lo and behold my patience paid off, and it has been reduced to £20 and is still available in all sizes. To make it even sweeter, I had a £5 Evans voucher from last years' Plus North so there was no way I could resist.

I've used a Picmonkey filter on some of these photos to warm them up, which I don't usually do, but the light was terrible this day. The quality of light is going to be a constant grumble from me on and off until spring, as in Autumn/Winter in the UK we don't often see actual sunlight. What we get instead is a poor relative which is grey diluted sun, hidden behind clouds, which gives a flat, ugly cast to photos. Grumble grumble. ;)

I'm wearing the skirt in a size 28 and I would say it's true to size. It has no stretch in the waistband, and I did the right thing by erring upwards in sizing as it's a smidgen too big in the waist and I suspect a 26 would've been a bit too small. The patterns in it are gorgeous and remind me of Art Deco, which is never a bad thing as I love all things Art Deco. I'd love to go back in a time machine to that era. It would be divine! What period of time would you go back to if time travel was a thing?

The length is lovely on me at a few inches below the knee, and the lining is a few inches shorter, but it's not indecent. The colour was a brave choice for me as I'm a walking muck-magnet, but I feel so fancy in the skirt I don't mind avoiding anything that might stain it.

I'm also wearing a lovely sheer cover up which I bought at UKPSFW a couple of weeks ago from a company from Slovakia called Trendy Plus Size. They have a website here too. It's lovely and I know I'm going to get a lot of use out of it - perhaps not so much for the rest of this year, but definitely from spring onwards next year.

I'm wearing:

Longline bolero, Trendy Plus Size (I'm wearing size 22 - it's generously sized)
Longline vest, Yours Clothing
Evans Collection ivory devore skirt
Gold shoes, past season Very.com
Necklace, past season New Look

If you ever come across these shoes by Very, I wouldn't recommend them. One of the embellishments broke off the first time I wore them, so I superglued it back on and then it broke off again the next time I wore them - on Rach and JP's wedding day, when I was bridesmaid. It was glued back on with chewing gum as that's all there was to hand. :)

I'm having my hair cut on Saturday and I can't wait. It's a right ol' mess. The condition is awful, I've lost a lot of hair at the front and it needs a real overhaul despite it only being cut 2 months ago. When my health is doing down the toilet it always shows up in my hair. I'm going to start taking a hair, skin and nails supplement as my hair is something I'm quite vain about. Straw hair be gone! I'm not sure if it's the vegan diet (which I'm not doing any more) or the menopause that's making my hair awful, but steps need to be taken!

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Leah xoxo

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