Recent charity shop finds

'Ello sausages!

As promised here's a post about the things I bought from charity shops recently.

I got this brand new with tags George from Asda maxi dress. (Asda is the UK Walmart). It's a size 24 and has plenty of room in it for me. Asda size 24s are generally oversized. It was £5. I have an outfit post wearing this coming up in a few days.

 Closeup. It's black on beige.

This shirt was £4 in a Scope charity shop, and is from New Look Inspire originally. It's a size 24 and doesn't do up over my belly but I'll wear it loose over a vest top.

 Closeup. It's cream rather than white.

I got this kaftan from the same shop as the Asda dress. I'm pretty sure it's 70s era. It's has no labels, it's machine sewed and it's a really heavy static-y polyester which rustles lots. It's also big enough for me and James to get into, although strangely the head hole is tiny! I have to take my glasses off to get it on. It's not flattering, but it does make me feel fabulous! I want to wear it whilst reclining on G Plan furniture, drinking a Campari, and surrounded by brown paisley walls. ;) It has wide 3/4 length sleeves and a kind of Mandarin collar.

Close up. I bought it because I love the colours. It reminds me of Autumn leaves. It was just £3!!

And then there's the pashmina, which you saw in yesterday's post. I got it in a Demelza charity shop for £2. Here are some more photos of it though.

Smiling reversible teddy bears! Isn't it just the best thing ever? I never knew I was missing a bear pashmina in my life but I'm so glad I spotted it.

I've been feeling a bit blah about plus size fashion recently, because so many retailers get it wrong and then I don't want to spend my money with them. Simply Be are on my shit list because they value smaller fats over larger ones online and in their stores (I've been free of them a year now and I'm still paying off my credit account, agh). New Look peed me off because they don't seem to want fat women in their shops, and Taking Shape have a history of body-shaming smaller women and that makes me not want to buy from them either. I'm kinda tired of counting the ways that retailers disappoint me. I just want clothes without a side order of bullshit. So that leaves me with Scarlett & Jo, ASOS Curve and a few other places to shop and it all leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I feel much happier buying second hand. All that bad feeling evaporates in a second hand shop - I'm not supporting some company I don't care for, I'm supporting a charity.

Are you fond of charity shops/thrifting?

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Have a great weekend!
Leah xoxo

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