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Hiya loves,

On Saturday I had a hair cut. I had my fringe cut back in, had some layers put in the sides and a lot off the ends. I had layers all over the place at the back and now it's all one length at the back so it'll look less straggly. I've been seeing the same stylist for 10 years and love going as she's a total hoot. After I left the hairdresser we went to the park to snap photos of my hair and clothes.

It makes me laugh that despite styling and products my fringe is still determined to part in the middle. ;)

This is my favourite kind of casual outfit - relaxed, but not signalling having given up on life entirely. Lololol. I call it demi-casual!

I'm wearing some new boots from Brantano, the wide fit Caravelle faux leather boots and they are so comfortable it's like wearing my slippers. Seriously. They're so light I'm pretty sure it's witchcraft, and they fit like a glove. OK, maybe the comfort isn't witchcraft but actually down to the leather insole and padding, but you know when shoes become like a religious experience? That. For this level of comfort I'd have taken ugly boots but I love the look of these and I'm considering buying the burgundy ones. When they came James and I looked at them and we both said 'They're never going to fit!' They looked so narrow and small, but they are perfect and I don't want to take them off.

The only downside I can see is the soles - they have no real grip to speak of (just wavy lines), so they're not for slippery weather - but for the milder weather these are my new go-to boots. If you can get to a Brantano, just take my word for it and try these on. Your feet will thank you for it.

I'm wearing:

Hollie oversized shirt, past season Boohoo
Longline vest top, Yours Clothing
Acid wash jeggings, Yours Clothing
Caravelle wide fit Tahlia ankle boots, (now sold out) Brantano*

OMG, I have to tell you about these jeggings. I haven't had the best luck with jeggings in the past. I love the look of my Matalan blue acid wash ones but I had to size up to get them over my hips so they fall down a lot. I need to sew the waistband a bit tighter, but then will they still go over my hips? Dilemma! I'd wanted these Yours jeggings since they came out but they only go up to a size 28, and I never thought they'd fit over my big ol' hips, thighs and arse which can take me up to a size 32 in some jeans and trousers. In the end I thought sod it and ordered them anyway and I'm so glad I did, because they're perfect. They fit me just right in the hips, they're high waisted (on short-torsoed me at least) and they're not overly big in the waist so they don't need pulling up much as I walk. I'm in love. If they came in black acid wash I'd be all over that too! They're soft and comfortable and like the boots, you're going to be sick of the sight of me in them before long.

It was lovely to see some of the trees changing colour when we were at the park. Give it another few weeks and it'll be even more beautiful. It's my favourite time of the year for walks in the park because of that. What's your favourite thing about Autumn?

Thanks for reading!
Leah xoxo

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