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Hello loves,

I bought this Scarlett & Jo skirt in an Evans sale back in July, I think. I forgot I'd started this post - it has been sat in my drafts for over a month. My brother came down to visit on this day and we went for a pub meal. This was when I got food poisoning. It was a lovely day apart from that. ;)

The skirt has sold out now. I'm pretty Scarlett & Jo obsessed, which won't be news to regular readers. If I was going to sum them up in a phrase, easy to wear would be it. When I wear anything by them I feel instantly dressy, and instantly 'enough'. I don't have to worry if I look OK throughout the day, and that's me to a tee. I want to put my clothes on and forget about them. If my clothes are uncomfortable I'm going to be thinking about them and not having fun and life's too short for that! I'm wearing a size 28, which is my usual in S&J, but I find the waistband on this skirt slightly less stretchy than the prom dresses I have in a size 28, just so you know. The skirt itself has plenty of room, it's just the waist band. And OMG, I've just remembered I have a new S&J dress I haven't even worn yet. Yasssss!

I'm wearing:

Hair clip, Crown and Glory
Statement necklace, Ali Express
Lace cardi old Asda.com
Vest, old Evans.com
Skirt, Scarlett & Jo
Shoes, past season Very

Here's a pic of my brother from this day.

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely weekend.
Leah xoxo

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