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Hello loves,

I'm a little behind with this month's Outside Your Comfort Zone challenge (it's supposed to be posted in the last week of the month) which is organised by Steph (see link below). This time the challenge is skirts, and I'd originally taken these photos for Outfit August, but then my brain went on a mental health rampage and I stopped doing my own challenge. Lulz.

Coincidentally they're both outfits with skirts, so let's have at it! I was going to do a couple of posts about local rock/metal bands past and present, but I'm going to combine the two here. First up my favourite band to have sprung out of Hastings, Soul Sanctuary, who are on hiatus at the moment, but will be coming back with some more material soon. I'm friends with both vocalists in the band and have really missed going to see them live since they've been off the scene, as it always entailed a very drunken, very fun night. There's a video below if you want to check them out, but they are 100 times better live.




I'm wearing:
Necklace, past Bluebirds & Daisies
Bracelets, old/assorted
T shirt, back in the day
Skirt, past season Simply Be
Shoes, eBay

Next up is a band t shirt from a band which were around in Hastings about the same time as Soul Sanctuary were in their heyday, and that band was Our Malevolent Tyranny, or OMT. 5 years ago you couldn't go anywhere in Hastings/Bexhill etc without seeing an OMT sticker plastered somewhere prominent. I only saw them live once, just before they split up (such is my timing!) and they were another excellent live band.

I'm wearing:

OMT shirt, back in the day
Bracelets old
Skirt, past season Yours Clothing
Shoes, past season Evans

I don't know what it is about seaside towns and talent, but Hastings is full of musicians, artists and other such creative types. I love it and wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

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