Video | A mixed bag

Hello loves,

Happy Friday.

I set out to record this video in the vein of my previous 'My week' videos but it turned into a couple of things. Firstly a long and frank chat about my mental health at the moment (which I really needed) and secondly it turned into a show-and-tell of how badly Fibromyalgia affects my concentration. It's funny watching myself back and seeing what everyone else sees. So yes, my attention span is laughably bad, as this video illustrates, and that's with a page of notes to assist me. ;)

I'm OK, please don't worry about me, it's just the strain of the last few months. Now I've realised there's a problem I can deal with it. Talking in the video has helped me process things a lot.

(If you're reading via email click through to my blog to see the video).

So, I'm OK. I have an appointment booked for the doctors about my mental health in a couple of weeks, which was the earliest one I could get. I'm hoping to have a lovely weekend, and I hope you do too.

If you feel anything like I do re: your mental health, please speak to someone. You can always talk to me.

Leah xoxo

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