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Hello fruit bats!

I didn't do my usual My Week video last week as my family were here and it was so hectic, but better late than never, eh?

God, I cannot stop playing with my bloody hair in my videos!! It's a nervous tic thing as I'm still not used to being on camera, and watching it back I'm even annoying myself! Twiddle, twiddle, fiddle! I'm also sitting on a steep slope of stones twisted over with my top half at a 45 degree angle to my legs to be face-on in shot (or else half of my arse would've been up the slope and half down it!) and I look like the hunchback of Notre Dame - so flattering! James has no idea about angles and whatnot. Ignore my back-fat-hump and just look at the lovely scenery. ;)

I always write notes about what I'm going to talk about on video, but I left them at home, and when we got to the beach I quickly made a few notes on my phone to remind me things to talk about. I misgendered the Youtuber I was talking about at the start of the video, Stef Sanjati. I watched several of her videos before the announcement that she was transgender and wanted female pronouns to be used about her, then totally I fucked it up on camera. Ughhhhh.

My washing machine saga lives on. We still have no working washing machine. When the kitchen was rewired a few years ago the electricians cut the plug off our washing machine without telling us and hardwired the lead into an outlet in a kitchen cupboard. We only found out when the new washing machine was delivered and the fitting guys couldn't pull the machine out as the lead wasn't long enough. They dumped our new machine in the living room and we had to walk like crabs to get past it to get to the kitchen or leave the room. When James came home from work we pulled the old machine out of the slot in the kitchen as far as it would stretch, isolated the kitchen power trip-switch so we wouldn't get electrocuted, and James took the outlet apart so we could get the wires out and swap the old machine for the new. It's all plumbed in - we just need a power point to plug it into as the outlet wiring is in bits and we're not going to muck around with it any more. A friend of a friend took the old machine away on Saturday, so at least it's not clogging the living room up any more.

I was happy for us to pay for an electrician to come out and change the outlet into a 3 pin plug as soon as we realised what was going on, but James is tight thrifty and decided to call the letting agents to say we didn't ask for the work to be done so we shouldn't have to pay for work to remedy it. He does have a point, as the letting agents have no record of the plug being turned into an outlet - basically the electricians took it upon themselves to do it. And now we wait. Our landlord is overseas and only contactable by email because he has a very full-on job, and he generally takes about a week to respond to anything (at the earliest). We definitely need the machine in a plug socket not hardwired into an outlet though, as we hope to move at some point and don't want this fiasco all over again. Plus some manufacturers void your warranty if the plug is cut off the machine. So fingers crossed by the end of the week we'll have the go ahead from the landlord and an electrician will come out, do the work and I can wash the piles of laundry building up. If the landlord isn't willing to pay, I might do an impromptu clothes sale to get the money together to pay for it. I've found an electrician (and by the biggest coincidence he lives NEXT DOOR!) so I'm itching to have it done. Today is 10 days without a washing machine, not that I'm counting or anything, lololol.

And that's me all caught up. Have a great week.

So, what have you been up to in the past week?

Leah xoxo

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