Outfit | Stripey maxi dress and denim jacket

Hello loves,

I'm wearing some more thrifted/recycled things in this post, but I'll link to as many similar things as I can find at the end.

I bought this dress in a charity shop recently, and you can see what I snapped up in that charity shopping session here. I'm finding myself drawn to more casual looks recently. I call it depressed chic, lololol. I'd sooner go casual with the clothes and spend more time on my face at the moment, but no doubt at some point (probably near Christmas, if not before) I'll get a bee in my bonnet for more glamorous outfits.

This is just the kind of outfit I'd wear to the cinema or to go on a shopping trip. As the weather gets colder I would swap the shoes for thick tights and boots and throw a really big snuggly scarf on, perhaps a hat too. I'm one of those people who tries to hold off wearing big coats until my extremities are falling off.




I'm wearing:

Floral crown, Crown & Glory
Cropped denim jacket, past season Yours Clothing,
Striped maxi dress, past season Asda
Embellished shoes, past season Very.co.uk

I've bought a few new things recently, so I have a lot of outfit photos to take, as well as catching up with the shots I've already taken. My memory is really poor at the moment and I'm getting so confused I won't be AT ALL surprised if I duplicate an outfit post soon. Just let me know if that happens. ;)

What kind of thing do you wear for relaxed days?

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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