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Hiya loves,

How was your weekend? Mine felt like a bank holiday weekend as James had yesterday off work. We had a great weekend. On Saturday I had my hair cut, then we popped to the park to take some outfit photos. We had a lovely drive to Dungeness on Sunday, following a pair of gorgeous pastel Plymouth cars for about half the way there - one pink, one mint green. They were either Savoys or Furies, both 4 door sedans with the sexy rear fins. I love American classic cars, and always get really excited when I see them.

When we got to Dungeness we had a look at the old and new lighthouses then explored some abandoned fishing sheds there. We watched a couple of films at home on Sunday, then stayed up into Monday as we watched the blood moon/super moon progress. It was beautiful - there were so many stars and they were so low in the sky. We spent about 2 hours gazing at the sky and although we were virtually falling asleep standing up, it was worth the wait to see the red moon. I also saw 3 shooting stars, which is always a treat.

Dungeness old lighthouse

I did some curating of past blog posts over the weekend. I've written 1695 posts since 2009, which is frightening. I reverted everything from 2009-2010 back to drafts as my blog had no direction then. I didn't focus on plus size fashion until 2012/2013, and even then very tentatively. I didn't really thrive till halfway through 2013, so this blog has really only come into its own in the last couple of years. A lot of outfit posts from the early days were really bad - poor light, blurry shots, a cluttered background, questionable facial expressions, outfits I really dislike, etc. I think I've probably hidden 20% of things and that REALLY made me think about quality vs quantity. Sometimes habits are so ingrained you can't see what's staring you in the face. I'm going to ease off the throttle and blog perhaps 3-4 times a week but with more effort put in, especially with outfits.
Here's a photo of my new hair. I had my fringe cut back in, layers cut in through the sides, and several inches off the length to keep it nice and healthy. I have noticed a distinct (and swift) change in condition of my hair for the worse in the last couple of weeks, which reminds me I need to pop to Holland and Barrett to get some hair skin and nails supplement pills.

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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