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Hiya sweets,

This isn't the first time I've worn this dress, but because it has so many colours in it it's versatile and can be worn in a number of different ways. I chose to pick out the warmer tones today by teaming it with a burgundy boyfriend coat and some brown beaded earrings.

This dress was gifted to me previously (I wrote about it here) and because it has a lot of different colours in the design I can bring out different colours each time by pairing it with different accessories. I could've chosen to pick out the blue, pink, orange or red, but I decided to plump for burgundy/brown on this occasion. If you have a dress like this with lots of different colours in it the world is your oyster. It is undoubtedly an expensive dress at £100, but it's incredibly well made. It's a heavyweight dress and it's lined through the body so it's perfect for the colder weather. When I next wear it I might wear it with blue accessories to bring that out, and that'll be a quite winter appropriate look too - symbolising blue fingers from the cold, ahaha!
Apologies that these photos are slightly out of focus. I took about 3 sets of outfit photos over a few days before I realised the settings are off. Bugger! I usually use the DSLR for outfit shots indoors but I think I might start using the Sony I got for my birthday for indoor outfits as well as outdoor ones. I hope you can see enough of the detail today.

I'm wearing:

Igigi Penny dress in Crimson City
Earrings, market stall
Necklace, Jewel Street 
Leggings, Very - from a twin pack of one full length, one 3/4 length leggings
Shoes, past Everything 5 Pounds
Boyfriend coat, past season New Look Inspire

I love all kinds of 'ethnic' jewellery, including Native American dream catcher designs, but refuse to buy anything like that from Western sources as I don't believe white people should profit from cultural appropriation. (I've had a few dream catchers bought for me in the past but I won't buy anything myself unless I know the money is going directly to native people). I bought these earrings from a market stall in town on the bank holiday weekend. It was run by a man and woman who were non-white/native/indigenous-to-somewhere-else but I didn't want to be the douche to ask 'Where are you from?' They're beaded dream catcher earrings which are absolutely gorgeous.

I buy these leggings over and over again. Each pair lasts at least a year and they wash and wear so well. They don't fade at all. I'll be buying them for as long as they make them!

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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