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Hiya pickles,

I haven't bought any new clothes in over a month as there aren't many plus size companies left that I actually want to be involved with, so I find myself drawn to mixing older items with second hand ones. It's probably a good job anyway, as our washing machine died last week so we had to buy a new one this week. Le bum.

Here's an old/thrifted outfit I wore last weekend. I actually liked the way this came together (unlike most of the outfit photos I've taken in the last fortnight, which were scrapped!) and I'm happy about that so there are lots of photos.



There, over there! Look at all the fucks I don't give.

Laughing as I realise I haven't taken the label off my sunglasses. *laugh-crying emoji*

My aunt and cousin, and James.

Whilst we were doing these photos there was a guy blatantly staring at me the whole time. I felt like giving him my business card (in front of his girlfriend) and telling him if he hadn't had a long enough look he could find me online. Lolololol.


I love these sunglasses so much!

I'm wearing:

Sunglasses, current Primark stock £3
Teddy bear reversible pashmina, charity shop £2 
Black dress, past season New Look
Leggings, Very
Studded plimsolls, past season R Price

I absolutely LOVE this pashmina and will probably have to have it ripped off my body before Autumn/Winter is out. It's white bears on black on one side and black bears on white on the other. Best £2 I've spent recently by far!

I bought a few things from charity shops while my family were visiting. Would you like to see a post about my finds? Aside from the pashmina I got a monochrome checked shirt which was from New Look Inspire originally, a handmade 70s kaftan in warm Autumn shades, and a lovely beige and black striped maxi dress which came from Asda. It came to £14 for the whole lot!

Thanks for reading, and happy Friday! (I can say that as it's 12.39am, ha!)

Leah xoxo

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