Rachele Cateyes fat art

Hello sweet peas!

I'm a big fan of art of all kinds, but especially art which celebrates bodies like mine. Rachele Cateyes is one of my favourite people ever - even though we're an ocean apart - and when she started creating again recently I was thrilled.

Here are a couple of portraits I commissioned Rachele to do for me in the past.

And here are some of her new works.

Aren't they amazing?! I just bought a selection of postcards from Rachele's shop to put in frames around the house. You can buy all kinds of things with her artwork on - notebooks, art prints, greetings cards etc.

Where to find Rachele:


Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

*I'm going to do further posts about fat-positive art in the future. Keep yo' eyes peeled.

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