Being spoiled by my hubby

Hello lovelies!

As well as it being my birthday and our first wedding anniversary, this weekend was also our 10th anniversary of being together, so J was extra generous with his presents this year. He had this huge bunch of flowers delivered by M&S. They make him look like a dwarf because they're so huge. I've got them in 2 large vases. It certainly beats a hastily-grabbed bunch from Tesco!

Rose//bracelets//leopard print ankle wellies//multi strand necklace//skull scarf//cocktail sunglasses//hamsa hand earrings//2 hair bands//leopard print maxi//fringed bag//leopard print shoes.

Do you sense a theme yet?! ;)

Another look at the gloriously tacky shoes//Hello Kitty slipper socks//7 nails inc duochrome polishes (spread over 3 photos)//another pretty rose, the best sunglasses in the world.

I fell in love with those super-tacky sunglasses as soon as I saw them in Primark but J thought they were hideous. He kept on at me to put them back, so I did. When we had to go past the sunglasses again on the way to the fitting room I snatched them up again and threw them back in the basket. J went to pay and was tempted to take them out again but knew I'd notice. So they're mine! Mwoohaha. I love everything tacky and kitschy.

While we were in Primark we also picked up the best bath mat in the cosmoverse! (Even aliens need bath mats, right?) It's thickly padded, super soft, and I love standing on it! Hubby does too. 'Where are you? What are you doing?' 'I'm standing on the bath mat!' We're quite sad, obviously! The mat comes in leopard print, zebra print, black and pink (at least those options are what I saw in store) and cost £5. They have a non-slip backing, which is brilliant for us as we have a varnished hard wood floor in the bathroom and it tends to be quite slippy.

If you're in Primark, trust me - have a good feel. We want to get a couple more so we have a line of them to walk on. It's like walking on air! I'm a little in love. How I resisted the leopard print one I really don't know!

What household item do you get quite excited about?

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